The Network

The Network is a platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing among industries, ministries and academic institutions.. etc. WeWebit provided a full web services including design and development, data migration, Registration Process, Members Are, Resources/Events and Partners Sections, Photo Albums and info-Graphics sections, User Function Management, Reports & Analysis and much more.

About The Network for Jordanian Industrial Sustainability

The project focuses on 4 primary areas. 1. Institutional and Regulatory Strengthening 2. Pollution Prevention and Industrial Waste Management. 3. Disposal Site Rehabilitation and Feasibility (Liquid and Solid Waste). 4. Water Reuse for Community Livelihood Enhancement Events Live events are at the core of The Network. Through events participants gain knowledge by interacting with experts, assistance providers, and each other. This equips them with the skills, tools, and knowledge required for implementing performance improvements within their organizations. In addition, these live events are the cornerstone of a Jordan-wide environmental performance community. Through this multi-pronged approach The Network hopes to achieve the goals of the USAID Water Reuse and Conservation project.

About Wewebit:

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