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Wewebit is an established web development company based out of Amman. Since 2012 it has become one of the leading companies in this fast evolving field. Our team of experts remain updated with all that is innovative in order to maintain the Company’s progress.

Our specializations cover various services such as web development, web hosting, custom applications, eCommerce, and forex web applications. We also provide clients with eBusiness solutions, mobile interface design, web maintenance and mastering, search engine optimization (SEO), as well as Mobile apps development, CRM installation and customization.


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Traders room
WeWebIt has created Traders Room as a special application that had been prepared to automate all operations that trading account holders "demo or real" need, which gives users the ability to review trading account activities, history, summary, open trades, manage personal info, create additional trading accounts or sub accounts, transfer funds between accounts, request withdrawals, make online electronic deposits and wire transfer requests along with many other features. This is a one stop shop for all forex traders' needs.
This unique portal allows your FX partners to track their accounts commissions, manage all IBs & sub IBs accounts, generate dynamic reports about deposits, withdrawals, commissions, and also benefit from all marketing materials provided by the FX Company which all are linked to specifically designed referrer system. Administrator is able to define IB tree with multi-level sub IBs and define the commission structure per security at each IB level without the need to externally plug in on a trading server.
Forex CRM is a flexible CRM system developed exclusively for businesses who are dedicated to a higher level of customer experience. Our experts are hand packed to develop the most reliable and efficiently functioning Forex CRM system.
It automates Back office & Compliance cycles to address client’s application with automatic account opening, including applications approvals and rejections, complete activity log, and multi-permission level for your staff members.

Reporting System
Forex reporting system is a customized web-based service that permits your staff members (Finance, sales, dealing, marketing, etc.) to generate detailed reports with flexible filtration functions. This system contains multiple reports with dynamic combination of filters with the ability to print and export any results to excel/filter dynamically on any combination of filter criteria; reports include deposits, withdrawals, accounts, closed trades, top performance, most traded and much more.


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