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Wewebit is a web development company that has become one of the leading companies in this fast-paced field, with the help of a team of experts working round the clock to maintain the Company's success & progress.

Wewebit offers various services that include; web development, web hosting, custom applications, and eCommerce. Wewebit also offers eBusiness solutions, mobile interface design, web maintenance and mastering, search engine optimization (SEO), as well as Facebook apps development, CRM installation and customization and many more.


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Traders Area
A special traders area developed to automate all operations that trading account holders need, like review their trading account activities - history, summary and open trades, manage their personal information, create additional trading accounts, transfer funds between accounts, request withdrawals, make online electronic deposits and wire transfer requests along with many other features. This area facilitates all forex client needs.

Agents Area
A special area that enables agents and IBs to track their accounts commissions, generate dynamic reports about deposits, withdrawals, commissions with presenting results as graphs and/or charts. Agent or IBs will also be able to access a comprehensive marketing area that includes the Forex company banners, widgets, files/brochures.. etc to use for promotions and marketing, whereby all agents will get his/her own referral link as source of the generated lead.
Backoffice Area
Special Area that automates BO & Compliance cycles to process clients application with automatic account opening, applications approvals & rejections, translation of application documents,  creating extra trading and commission accounts with complete activity log & multi-permission level for your staff members. This area can be integrated MT4 API, CRM solution and google marketing tools to help you fully manage your clients data.

Reporting System
A customized web-based reporting system that enables your forex company staff  (financial, sales, dealing and marketing.. etc) to generate detailed reports with flexible filtration facilities. This system contains many reports driven from MT4 report server, with the ability to print and export results to excel/PDF with advanced search by date/ email/ account number/ status/ amount/ balance/ account holder/ group account/ country/ leverage and more.


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