Zain Iraq Website & Online Services

Online Services Development and Customized CMS for a Telecom Portal.

MultiBank Exchange Group

  Multi-lingual website and custom CMS development, featuring multiple platforms, integrated with several trading API’s, backoffice and compliance process, CRM cycle, funding and payment gateways, Real and Demo forex accounts registration and much more .


Full forex portal redevelopment available in 14 languages, supported with Backoffice & Compliance areas, CRM integration, traders room, IBs portal, several payment gateways, Financial Blog and much more.


Governmental Portal Design and Web Development Services


Customized eCommerce platform, supported with many features such as (Inventory Management,Products Management,Promotion & Sale Management, Users Management, special Members Area, custom search and filters and much more.


A special IB Portal that allows agents and IBs to monitor their commissions, request withdrawals and check accounts performance using advanced reporting tools. All agents are also supported with a comprehensive marketing section that includes all company banners, widgets, files, brochures.. etc


Dynamic forex website development and design, automated MT4 Real, Demo accounts registrations, partnership and agents forms, members area development, agents area, Learning center, economic calendar, Price feeds, live chat, payment gateways integration and much more)

House of Borse

Full responsive forex portal development, including registrations, payment gateways and MT4 API integrations, market news/price feeds and much more.


Online portal that facilitate all gold and silver trading activities.


A special Area that automates Backoffice & Compliance cycles to process clients applications with automatic account opening including: applications approvals and rejections with complete activity log, multi-permission levels for staff members and much more.

National Bullion House LLC

Integration of vertex VFX10 platform and RegularPay payment method for National Bullion House that serves wide range of clients who are keen on money-saving plans, traders and speculators, elite investors, jewelry shops and banks.


Orbex IBs and partners special area development, this area allows agents and IBs to monitor their commissions, request withdrawals and check accounts performance using advanced reporting tools. All agents are also supported with a comprehensive marketing section that includes all company banners, widgets, files, brochures.. etc


  Online forex portal in 11 languages, represent web interface to all trading activities, several payment gateways integration, Metatrader (MT4) API’s for account opening, retrieval of trading accounts transactions information, supported with Backoffice & compliance areas to automate the process of user application processing, CRM integration with instant notifications and much more.


Forex CRM development (Backoffice and compliance system), that automates application processing with complete cycle of client data management, automatic MT4/MT5 and VFX10 account opening, complete user changes log, permission levels and full synch with Salesforce lead/account/opportunity cycle and much more.

IKON Forex Traders Room

  Developing a forex traders room that allows all clients and IBs to review their trading account activities, manage their personal information, request new demo accounts, open sub accounts, submit withdrawal and wire transfer requests, make online deposits using payment gateways, request new passwords and much more.


Full responsive forex portal revamping, compatible with all common and special Chinese browsers such as (Baidu, 360 and Sougou).

The Network

  The Network is a platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing among industries, ministries and academic institutions.. etc. WeWebit provided a full web services including design and development, data migration, Registration Process, Members Are, Resources/Events and Partners Sections, Photo Albums and info-Graphics sections, User Function Management, Reports & Analysis and much more.


  Online Jewelry e-commerce website development, supported with user friendly interface to browse jewelry products, create and share wish lists, shopping cart features to purchase jewels with dynamic gold and silver real-time price feed.

Ajiad Securities

Brokerage website development, integrated with payment gateways and CRM System.


A full responsive forex portal development, integrated with several payment gateways, and Metatrader (MT4) API’s for account opening and accounts transactions and information retrieval, the developed portal is supported with a Backoffice/compliance area to automate user application processing and much more.


  Supporting Multilingual landing pages Development that allows clients to register with demo & real accounts though automated registration and accounts activation process.


Orbex mobile site development, supported with 11 languages, compatible with all mobile devices and browsers, search engine optimized and much more


Online Forex Portal development & design, integrated with Vertex10 API’s for account opening, retrieval of trading accounts transactions and information, supported with a backoffice and members areas, live chat system, blog section and much more.


A full comprehensive forex blog, supported with a forex library that includes forex tutorials, forex eBooks, infographics, webinars, technical and fundamental analysis section and much more.


  News Portal development and design with a custom made publishing platform that enables editors to manage different types of contents, control various interactive website sections along with logging and monitoring features that enable getting statistics about news archive and editors activities.


Online job-matching website that specializes in part-time and shifts based jobs in the Arab World using interactive features like: seeker/employer registration cycles, CV builder engines, audio assessment tool, and smart tools to match employer and job seeker needs, subscription plans, online payments and much more.


A full responsive multilingual website development, supported with content management system, fully search engine optimized, partners/clients and products categorization and filtration, career sections and much more.

Medical Vision Co.

Dynamic website development for a company that is specialized in Consumables / Medical Equipment / Solutions / IT Healthcare and much more.

LNRTAQE eLearning

  Online elearning academy web design and development, supported with social interactions between instructors & students, offering wide range of electronic courses, interactive e-learning tools including online course attendance using WISIQ tools, electronic materials, course registrations, private libraries, friends & followers management and much more.


  Landing page that integrates Facebook API to invite friends to join Shababjobs and enter the draw on the prizes.


  One dynamic page development and design for a best seller on eBay client.


Smartpay is an online payment gateway providing fast payment processing, rapid eCommerce growth, one-step merchant signup. Wewebit developed Smartpay website with attractive one page layout, that provides all the required information in neat and simple design.


A Full dynamic responsive web development and design with live news feeds, university apps connections and much more. OC focuses on improving young people”™s experiences of education, public services and employment.


  Website development and design for a TV production company based in Libya.

Almadenah News

News portal development with a custom made publishing platform that enables editors managing different type of contents; and control various interactive website sections.


Online news portal supported with a custom made publishing platform, that enable editors and web admin to manage different types of contents; text, images, videos…etc, with usable interface along with logging and monitoring features to enable getting statistics about news archive and editors activities.

Forex Age Invest

  Dynamic online forex trading website development & design, supported with demo/real registration forms, callback and contact forms, live chat, partnership, download platforms section and much more.


A full forex portal development including registration forms for real and demo accounts, partnership accounts, contacts forms, live chat, price feeds, members area, trading systems APIs and CRM integrations, daily reports engines and much more.


  RIGFX Forex website represent online interface to all trading activities, integration with Metatrader API’s for account opening, retrieval of trading accounts transactions information, traders’ area development that include a lot of components that enable customer manage his trading experience easily via one portal.

JBC Radio

  A Multilingual radio station web development, with live streaming connectivity, social media channels integration and much more.


Comprehensive traders room development that covers all trading needs such as: access to full market information, account operations, trading tools, uploading documents, downloading platforms and forms, deposits and withdrawals and much more.


A full dynamic forex development and programming for a learning section that includes introduction to Forex, educational videos, fundamental technical analysis, economic releases and much more.