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Fully customized FOREX CRM that automates Back-office & Compliance cycles to process client’s application with automatic account opening, including applications approvals and rejections, complete activity log, and multi-permission level for your staff members as described in the list below:

Comprehensive Dashboard: that covers all created applications (Real, Demo, Partners, deposits and withdrawals, Callbacks, etc.) with instant updates and reports on accounts status, type, lead source, deposits, withdrawals, and referrals with advanced filtration process.

Flexible integration capabilities: Integrates your trading platform API with BO and registration process, to allow automatic creation of trading accounts of your platform through your portal, and synching trading account information.

Reporting and filtration tools: Reporting dashboard shows summary of each module with capability to filter, export your data and display visual reports as graphs and charts.

►BO User Functions:
– List & Filter Applications
– Forward to Compliance for Review & Approvals.
– Review & Edit User Profile
– Translate Uploaded Documents
– Approve Applications
– Reject Applications
– Creating New Application

►Compliance user Functions
In this section, compliance employee will have list of real users, and can do the following:
– List & Filter Forwarded Applications
– Review Users Profile
– Approve Application:
– Fill Clients Risk & Categorization
– Reject Application:

•Real Accounts
•Approve & Reject Application
•Upload documents
•Translate application
•Automated client accounts opening upon approvals.
•Open sub account
•Demo Accounts
•Sub Accounts
•Callbacks & General inquiries

•Account Types
•Deposits/ withdrawals
•Source (Campaign & Referrals)
•Status (approved & rejected)
•Activity (active / inactive)
•Expiry dates

•Activity log
•Accounts Creation


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try our demo


In order for the user to be able to track their accounts commissions, manage all IBs and sub IBs accounts, generate dynamic reports about deposits, withdrawals, commissions, and also benefit from all marketing materials provided by the FX Company and much more we have designed the IB Portal.

Administrator will be able to define IB tree with multi-level sub IBs and define the commission structure per security at each IB level without need for an external plugin in the trading server.

This IB Portal provides unique access for each partner (Ib/agent and affiliates) with the following application features:

►Comprehensive dashboard This dashboard shows the total earnings, total of referred accounts, volume/lots and available balance, as well as includes the charts and graphs of the following:
1. Trend Line of commissions, volumes and registrations on daily/monthly or yearly bases.
2. Best Performers via account number and volumes.
3. Deposit/Withdrawals Graph / credit in and out.
4. Most Traded Instruments
5. Recent Accounts

►MY Account Reports (all accounts, non-funded accounts, inactive accounts, closed accounts, accounts by country and more) which can be filtered by dynamic filtration and sorting capabilities.

►Commission reports with custom filtration based on date interval and login.

►Claim an account: Agent can ask to add one of the accounts under him as the client was referred from his side.

►Withdrawal forms and requests.

►IBs and affiliates marketing section: A comprehensive marketing area that includes the Forex company banners/widgets such as price feed, calculators, news ticker, files/brochures… etc which are categorized by the size, language, and promotion types.
This will help each agent to use those materials for promotions and marketing, whereby an agent/IB can get his own referral link as source of the generated leads.

►Analytics tools: which allow each partner to monitor his marketing and referral links activities by date, campaign, banner size and language.

►Ability to print and export any results to PDF or Excel and more

►Edit my personal and financial IB account information.

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try our demo


WeWebIt has developed Traders Room as a special application that had been prepared to automate all operations that trading account holders “demo or real” need, which gives you the chance to review your trading account activities – history, summary and open trades, manage your personal information, create additional trading accounts or sub accounts, transfer funds between accounts, request withdrawals, make online deposits and wire transfer requests along with many other features. This traders room allows operations to run smoothly and with ease while covering all forex traders’ needs.

Here are the main features of this Traders Room:

►Trading Activity Reports:
1. Account Summary
2. Account History
3. Open Trades Report
4. Daily Trade Report
5. Monthly Trade Report

► Trader Information Management:
A. Profile Information editing
B. Upload Documents
C. Password resetting
D. Financial Information Management

►Financial Operations:
• Transfer Funds between accounts.
• Wire Transfer
• Submit withdrawal requests
• Submit online payments

►Trading Accounts Management:
A. Open New Demo Account
B. Open New Live / Sub Live Account
C. Upgrade to Real Trading Account.

►Financial Tools:
• Market News
• Economic Calendar
• Financial Calculators:
-Pip and Margin Calculator
-Currency Converter
-Pivot Point Calculator
-Risk Calculator

•Contact us and complaint forms.
•VPS Request


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try our demo


Forex reporting system which is a customized web-based program that permits your staff members (Finance, sales, dealing, marketing, etc.) to generate detailed reports with flexible filtration functions. This system contains multiple reports with dynamic combination of filters with the ability to print and export any results to excel/filter dynamically on any combination of filter criteria such as client login, date range, groups, etc.

Reporting area includes the following reports with limited user permissions for each section according to the client request:

► Finance & Sales Reports:

A. Trading volume: list of summery of buy/sell commands.

B. Deposits: listing deposit tickets performed with total deposits by currency, agent, and country.

C. Withdrawals: listing withdrawal tickets performed with ability to filter and get most totals by country, agent and sales.

D. Accounts by Balance: list of accounts classified by predefined balance ranges.

E. IB performance: summary information about each agent with number of accounts under each and sum of all volumes performed through him.

F. IB commissions: shows total commissions given to each agent with detailed view listing all related commission tickets.

G. Sales performance: listing total trading volumes traded for sales person accounts with ability to get detailed view with specific tickets.

H. Sales summary: classifying all accounts under sales persons to active/inactive/non-funded and closed accounts.

I. Retention: listing total retention performed by each account, with detailed view that lists individual tickets information.

J. Sales Target: getting total deposits/first deposits/ retention/withdrawals performed on each salesperson accounts with detailed views.

K. Closed Accounts: listing closed (liquidated accounts) with customized filtration operations.

L. Inactive Accounts: listing all accounts that haven’t traded for specific period of time.

M. Non funded accounts: listing accounts that have no deposit history.

N. Most traded: Listing symbol with the highest trading activity with totals of P/L amounts, lots grouped by account types, country, trading groups, etc.

O. Account Monitor: listing details of active accounts with detailed view of each account that lists all open trades/closed trade/ total Profit and loss amounts

► Dealing Reports:

A. Accounts: listing details of all accounts; in terms of account number, name, email agent, group, leverage, equity with filtration and grouping capability.

B. News traders: getting all trades performed near certain pre-defined news events.

C. Most traded: Listing symbol with highest trading activity with totals of P/L amounts, lots grouped by account types, country, trading groups, etc.

► Marketing Reports:

A. Accounts: listing details of all accounts; e.g.: trading platform account number, name, email, agent, group, leverage, equity with filtration and grouping capability.

B. Account by Balance: list of accounts classified by predefined balance ranges.

C. Closed accounts: listing closed (liquidated accounts) with customized filtration operations.

D. Inactive accounts: listing all accounts that haven’t traded for specific period of time.

E. Non funded accounts: listing accounts that have no deposit history

F. Most traded: Listing symbol with highest trading activity with totals of P/L amounts, lots grouped by account types, country, trading groups, etc.

try our demo

try our demo

OUR services
Our professionally designed custom sites exceed expectations and are built to last. In addition, we equip your website with a series of tools designed specifically for Forex companies. Our development services includes: Custom FX Web Design (implementing modern technologies to improve online usability and ensure its compatibility with all available browsers and devices), Multilingual CMS that empower your site administrator to effectively oversee diverse sorts of content with rich media abilities (pictures/images, videos, recordings ...and so forth) by means of User Friendly CMS equipped with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Administrator will have access to oversee web enrolled all web pages, traders data, staff clients, aggregate consents and a great deal more.
Demo, Real & Partnership Accounts Registrations: Automated activation through secured forms that fit your administrative requirements, and are connected with your trading platform (MT4/MT5, VFX10 APIs) account opening and CRM.
Deposits & Withdrawal Forms: Customers can perform deposits & withdrawals and store information by utilizing any payment gateway or wire transfer with automated confirmations.
Inquiry forms: contact us and call back request forms can provide direct contact capabilities by having the feedback implemented inside different website sections, linked to related department.
Payment Gateways: We Integrates the most prominent gateways (Skrill, JCC, Neteller, Fasapay, RegularPay, WebMoney & much more) with your web portal.
API INTEGRATION: This service allows integration of your trading platform API (MT4, MT5 & VFX10 systems) to allow various tasks including automatic execution of trading activities through your site, retrieve information for all clients' data, create trading summary reports, open/close trades, automatic deposits and withdrawals or transfer funds.
CRMs: Syncing your website activities to different CRM solutions like: sugar CRM & Sales Force and our custom Forex CRM; and integrate clients and backoffice actions to Lead/ Account cycles. Moreover, you can customize your CRM to your specific needs and integration to trading reports server.
Meta Trader "MT4 and MT5" Web APIs:: Our solutions incorporate with MT4 and MT5 APIs that perform all trading accounts operations automatically including account creation, update information, deposits, withdrawals and more. That enables your website to be fully synchronized with your trading platform.
Multi IB & Multi IB Plugin: : Our IB area product can be integrated with multi-IB plugin to distribute commission among master and Sub IBs. The virtual Sub IB feature is also available where commission is calculated and distributed among IB's without the need for a plugin.
MT4 to SMS plugin: Send SMS notifications on price alerts, margin call and at many more junctions. We have developed a form integrated with this plugin to keep your clients closer and more involved.
Real Time Widgets: These tools displays the present costs and rates of currencies, metals, energies... etc.; information to be pulled from trading server and displayed on the site in an appealing format.
Economic Calendar: A calendar that traders can use to track the financial events displaying event name, date, and forecast according to the importance that he puts for each event (free feeds are available).
Calculators: These User friendly tools that helps traders do their calculations in a simple and fast ways, we provide (currency converter, Pip and margin calculator, risk calculator, pivot point) and more.
Market News: Refreshed market news are continuously streamed from other news sources and updated by the second. This enables traders to stay alert to the latest in market news and updates.
Providing all Forex organizations with full support and maintenance including:
Full support on the created codes and components, landing pages and email shots management, updates and configurations on programming, capacities, security, as well as website performance improvements and setup of CDN arrangements.
We setup a staging environment to do all testing and QA before deploying them on the live site.