Ajiad Securities – Brokerage Website Development

WeWebit Provided Ajiad with a forex (brokerage) website development and design services, and it has been delivered in 2 languages; and also supported with full KYC registration process & Brokerage (CRM) / Customer Relationship Management system ! About Ajiad Securities brokerage Service: Ajiad Secuirities L.L.C founded in July 20, 2005 registered under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Licensed from Jordan Securities Commission as

Zain Iraq Website & Online Services

Online Services Development and Customized CMS for a Telecom Portal.   About Zain Iraq Zain Iraq is part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa. Zain Iraq’s strategy is based on understanding the consumers and making them the center of any service or idea. This is in order to provide subscribers with the best and most

Middleware Services

A lightweight API gateway that act as a middleware between different systems technologies that helps to build a service oriented solutions with the ability to generate any type of dumps.

Custom Web Apps

Our dedicated experts build best-of-class, robust and scalable custom web apps that are tailored to your specific business, whether it is small or large scale enterprise in any industry.

Mobile Applications

Our expertise lies in developing highly interactive mobile applications that are extremely user-friendly with omnichannel experience which takes your business to the next digital level.


Understanding clients’ business allows us to create dynamic designs for websites, mobile apps or full branding design. we focus on usability practices, accessibility and smart interactions.

MultiBank Exchange Group

Multi-lingual forex website Development with custom CMS, featuring multiple platforms, integrated with several trading API’s, backoffice and compliance process, CRM cycle, funding and payment gateways, Real and Demo forex accounts registration and much more. About  MultiBank Exchange Group MultiBank was established in California in 2005 and since then became a large financial world institution that offers its customers direct trading access to banks and exchanges


Best forex website development service provided by “Wewebit”, the website had been delivered in 14 languages and supported with back office and compliance systems; also integrated with a customized CRM solution, traders room and IBs portal, along with several payment gateways, financial blog and much more. About Orbex LTD At Orbex, we are dedicated to serving our clients responsibly with the latest innovations in forex tools


Governmental Portal Design and Web Development Services. نبذة عن المجلس القضائي يمثل المجلس القضائي الأردني بموجب (قانون استقلال القضاء) قمة هرم السلطة القضائية في المملكة، ويجسد مع مجلسي الأمة والوزراء مبدأ الفصل بين السلطات. والمجلس القضائي هو صاحب الصلاحية القانونية في الأشراف الإداري على جميع القضاة النظاميين في المملكة، وما يتعلق بذلك من تعيين، وانتداب، وإعارة، وترقية، ونقل، ومساءلة، وتأديب، وإحالة على التقاعد. كما يعنى


Customized eCommerce platform, supported with many features such as (Inventory Management,Products Management, Promotion & Sale Management, Users Management, special Members Area, custom search and filters and much more. Get your eCommerce platform today from Wewebit. About xline parts  Our company PLUS XLINE PARTS LTD is a specialist distributor to wholesale in mobile phones, tablets, computers and parts and consumer electronics. . Based in Cyprus Our


A special IB Portal that allows agents and IBs to monitor their commissions; request withdrawals and check accounts performance using advanced reporting tools. All agents are also supported with a comprehensive marketing section that includes all company banners, widgets, files, brochures.. etc. About Hantec markets: Hantec markets forex broker has gained quite a strong and solid foothold in the industry during it more than quarter


Dynamic forex web design and development, automated MT4 Real, Demo accounts registrations, partnership and agents forms, members area development, agents area, Learning center, economic calendar, Price feeds, live chat, payment gateways integration and much more). About ZB FOREX ZB Forex is a Forex Broker offering Forex Trading services via MetaTrader 4, MT4 Mobile and ZB Forex Markets trading platforms. Regarding orders execution model, ZB Forex is a

House of Borse

  Full responsive brokerage web development service; including registrations, payment gateways and MT4 API integration, market news, price feeds and much more. About House of Borse: House of Borse (HoB) is a financial services firm specializing in online Forex and CFD trading for professional and corporate clients in a diverse range of markets 24 hours a day. Through House of Borse, and the globally renowned


online Trading Web development portal that facilitate all gold and silver trading activities. About Orbex Gold ORBEX GOLD was established in the year 2013 located in Dubai (The City of Gold). The ownership is shared by Ahmad Asmar, Abdallah Asmar and Abdallah Abbas. Orbex Gold have highly skilled management team and experienced professionals in various field like Administration, Sales, Marketing, Accounts and Compliance. As a


  forex Back office system & Compliance cycles to process clients applications with automatic account opening including: applications approvals and rejections with complete activity log, multi-permission levels for staff members and much more. Get your Forex Back Office System today from Wewebit Forex CRM solutions! About Ikon Group Established on Wall Street in 1995, IKON Group is one of the world’s leading providers of financial

National Bullion House LLC

Forex Integration of vertex VFX10 platform and RegularPay payment method for National Bullion House that serves wide range of clients who are keen on money-saving plans, traders and speculators, elite investors, jewelry shops and banks. About NBH Credibility, integrity, validity and trustworthiness have been the only words that best describe our business trend that has been established in UAE, under commercial license No. 689061, issued


Orbex IB portal development, this area allows agents and IBs to monitor their commissions, request withdrawals and check accounts performance using advanced reporting tools. All agents are also supported with a comprehensive marketing section that includes all company banners, widgets, files, brochures.. etc. About Orbex LTD At Orbex, we are dedicated to serving our clients responsibly with the latest innovations in forex tools and resources


Online forex portal that is available in 14 languages, and provide web interface to all trading activities; several payment gateways integration and Metatrader (MT4) API’s integration for account opening process; retrieval of trading accounts transactions information, supported with Back office & compliance areas to automate the process of user application processing, CRM integration with instant notifications and much more. About Orbex LTD At Orbex, we


Forex CRM development (Back office and compliance system) This Forex CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution automates forex accounts and application processing, with complete client data management cycle, and provide automatic account opening on MT4, MT5 and VFX10 Platforms; with complete user  logs, permission levels and full sync with Salesforce lead / account / opportunity cycle and much more. Get your forex CRM development service today

IKON Forex Traders Room

Developing a forex traders room that allows all clients and IBs (introducing brokers) to review their trading account activities; manage their personal information, request new demo accounts, open sub accounts, submit withdrawal and wire transfer requests, make online deposits using payment gateways, request new passwords and much more. Request your demo today and check out our forex traders room and full forex solution services about


Full responsive forex portal revamping, compatible with all common and special Chinese browsers such as (Baidu, 360 and Sougou). Get your responsive forex portal development service today and checkout our full forex solutions services!   about Ikon Group Established on Wall Street in 1995, IKON Group is one of the world’s leading providers of financial products, brokerage services, and advanced trading technologies. IKON Group is headquartered

The Network

The Network is a platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing among industries, ministries and academic institutions.. etc. WeWebit provided a full web services including design and development, data migration, Registration Process, Members Are, Resources/Events and Partners Sections, Photo Albums and info-Graphics sections, User Function Management, Reports & Analysis and much more. About The Network for Jordanian Industrial Sustainability The project focuses on 4 primary areas.


  Online Jewelry e-commerce website development, supported with user friendly interface to browse jewelry products, create and share wish lists, shopping cart features to purchase jewels with dynamic gold and silver real-time price feed.


A full responsive forex portal development, integrated with the Best Forex CRM system and several payment gateways, and Metatrader (MT4) API’s for account opening and accounts transactions and information retrieval, the developed portal is supported with a Back office/compliance area to automate user application processing and much more. Request your demo today and check out the Best Forex CRM and full forex solutions  about Ikon


  Orbex mobile site development, supported with 11 languages, compatible with all mobile devices and browsers, search engine optimized and much more


  Online Forex Portal development & design, integrated with Vertex10 API’s for account opening, retrieval of trading accounts transactions and information, supported with a backoffice and members areas, live chat system, blog section and much more.


  A full comprehensive forex blog, supported with a forex library that includes forex tutorials, forex eBooks, infographics, webinars, technical and fundamental analysis section and much more.


News Portal development and design with a custom made publishing platform that enables editors to manage different types of contents, control various interactive website sections along with logging and monitoring features that enable getting statistics about news archive and editors activities. من نحن  الرؤيا  بناء فضاء إعلامي طبي معاصر، يعبر عن إرادة حقيقة لصحة أفضل، ويعكس ويلبي رغبة المواطنين بتلقي ثقافة متكاملة تماشياً مع المعايير